Three people. Three cities. One  dream.



 We started coding web pages and little stuff from young age. Even we are totally different in age we are still hobby coders and designers. Having tried different techniches and stuff like Content Management Systems (CMS) as Drupal, Wordpress and others. Now trying something with Adobe Muse. Dirk used Dreamweaver in the past, which still is an editor tool. By trying some stuff he met us and Muse, which is great fun and a fast opportunity to get some professional web pages together. So we are delighted to work on some great stuff now.

There‘s only one downside to the shop’s growing popularity: it’s incredibly difficult suppressing Jessica’s tendency to squee when Beyoncé drops by. She needs to get a grip. Happy shopping everybody! We love seeing your

awesome faces.


Dirk Kollmann / Samantha Williams  / Pete Williams


 With a degree in  photography, Co-Founder Dirk graduated from Bochum University long enough ago that he’s unwilling to give us a date. He started his career as a Call Center Agent for QVC until he now works for the Market Research Team at QVC Germany"s headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. While starting visitig the lovely beach town of Sitges in Spain, Catalonia, Dirk slowly began replacing his stereotypically wardrobe for bright colors and dynamic patterns. The intrinsic beach and colorful urban culture of his new second home quickly began to influence his design aesthetic.


After working with James Perse and feeling somewhat confined by the minimalist approach to fashion, he took his new found love for vibrant, casual clothing and began his own ready-to-wear line inspired by street culture. He describes that time as a financial struggle but the most creatively fulfilling days of his career up to that point.


One fine evening at an industry event, he met the siblings Samantha and Pete Williams who had started their own small streetwear boutique several years ago. The siblings had already gained a good level success and needed a creative mind and third partner in crime to come on board. Dirk still lives in his cozy bohemian-style German home in Hattingen, North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany with his hobby stuff. He’s one of those people who insists his travels can have an all day photo-shoot . His motto is 'Live is a beach'



If you have a media inquiry or press release, please email to info@kollmann.de.

"Hey, wanna do a smart web design, be our guest in SF's place or bust!"